The Spain Square in Seville, Spain

Plaza España Seville

The Spain Square (Spanish: Plaza de España) is a square located in the middle of Maria Luisa Park, in the city center of Seville, southern Spain. It is a Spanish architectural marvel with Art Deco, Mudejar, and Renaissance Revival influences.

Five interesting facts about the Spain Square:

  • It was built by the Spanish architect Aníbal González (1876–1929) in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929.
  • Measuring 50,000 m² (538,196 sq ft), it is the size of five football pitches.
  • The complex has a balanced structure of a semi-circular brick building with a tower (74 m/ 243 ft high) at either end.
  • It is surrounded by a large 515 m (1,690 ft) long canal that is crossed by four bridges, each one representing the four ancient kingdoms of Spain (Castile, León, Aragón and Navarra).
  • It was the place where the King of Spain Alfonso XIII (1886–1941) inaugurated the Fair.

Plaza de España Seville
South wing of the pavilion building, the Spain Square, Seville

Spain Square Seville
South Tower, the Spain Square, Seville

Plaza de España Seville
Column, the Spain Square, Seville

Spain Square
The river, the Spain Square, Seville

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  1. In Pensacola, FL, which was under Spanish rule for a time before the US was a nation, they have a Seville Square. ;-)