Discover Poland: Photo Walk in Białystok


Bialystok (Polish: Białystok) is the 11th most populous city of Poland located on the banks of the Biala River in the Bialystok Uplands of the Podlaskie Plain, part of what is known collectively as the Green Lungs of Poland.

Five interesting facts about Bialystok:

  • The English translation of the name is "white slope".
  • The first settlers arrived here in the 15th century.
  • In 1692, it was granted city rights by King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, John III Sobieski (1629–1696).
  • Around 32% of the city is occupied by parks, squares and forest preserves which creates a unique and healthy climate.
  • There are several hundred historic buildings in the city, around 150 of which have been registered on a register of historic monuments of Polish, Jewish, Orthodox and Muslim cultures.

Bazylika archikatedralna Wniebowzięcia Najświętszej Maryi Panny w Białymstoku
The Catholic Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Neo-Gothic; built in 1900–1905), Bialystok

Ratusz w Białymstoku
The Town Hall (built in 1954–1958), Bialystok

Pałac Branickich
The Branicki Palace (Rococo; built in 1691–1697), Bialystok

Pałac Branickich
The Branicki Palace, Bialystok

Branicki Palace
Interior of the Branicki Palace, Bialystok

The Branicki Palace Gardens, Bialystok

Szeftel Ginzburg's tenement house (Eclecticism; built in 1906), Bialystok

Sculpture "The Journey", Bialystok

Kościół św. Rocha w Białymstoku
The Catholic Church of St. Roch (Modern-Expressionist; built in 1927–1946), Bialystok

Wnętrze kościoła
Interior of the Church of St. Roch, Bialystok

Atrium Biała
Atrium Biała Shopping Center, Bialystok

Shopping centre
Interior of Atrium Biała, Bialystok

Galeria Jurowiecka Shopping Center, Bialystok

Galeria Jurowiecka
Interior of Galeria Jurowiecka, Bialystok

Train station
Train station, Bialystok

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  1. Poland has some crisp architecture!! It looks like a stunning place to travel to.

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  7. Patricia6:35 pm EEST

    "The Journey" sculpture is amazing. What a beautiful city! Poland is definitely on my list of places to head to next!

  8. Elizabeth O7:46 pm EEST

    Poland looks so enriched in history that I am sure everyone who visits has the best time exploring and learning the culture. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  9. What a beautiful city to visit. The photos are lovely too. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

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  12. Geraline Batarra6:31 pm EEST

    This place is really look beautiful and a nice place to visit.The architecture and interior designs are perfect that makes you feel visit the place.

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