Rococo Architecture of Warsaw: Visitationist Church

Kościół Wizytek

The Visitationist Church (Polish: Kościół Wizytek) is a Roman Catholic church located in Warsaw, Poland.

Five interesting facts about the church:

  • It was built in the Rococo style according to the plans of the Polish architect Karol Bay in the years of 1728–1763.
  • It was consecrated in 1761.
  • In 1825–1826, Fryderyk Chopin (Polish composer and pianist; 1810–1849) used to play on the church organ here.
  • It is one of the few buildings in Warsaw, which was not damaged during the Second World War.
  • There are six side chapels, three on each side.

Kościół Wizytek w Warszawie
View of the interior

Visitationist church

Kościół Wizytek w Warszawie
View of the interior

Church of St. Joseph of the Visitationists
North-west view of the church

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