Discover Portugal: Photo Walk in Santarém

Santarem, Portugal

Santarem (Portuguese: Santarém) is a city and a municipality in Portugal located on the right bank of the Tagus River in the central part of the country, just 69 km (43 mi) northeast of Lisbon.

The city was founded by the Romans in the 2nd century BC. Between the 8th and 12th century, the Moors were settled here. In the years of 1325–1357, it was a royal residence and the capital of the Kingdom of Portugal.

Santarem is on the Caminho Português, a Catholic pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela (Spain), and known as the Portuguese Gothic capital.

Empty street, Santarem

Cathedral of Santarém
The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption (Mannerism; built in 1672–1711), Santarem

São Francisco Convent in Santarém
The monastery of the Franciscan friars (Gothic; built in the 13th century), Santarem

Church of St Mary of Grace
Interior of the church of St. Mary of Grace (Gothic; built in the 14th–15th century), Santarem

St Mary of Marvila church
Interior of the church of St. Mary of Marvila (Portuguese Late Gothic; built in the 16th century), Santarem

Pedestrian street, Santarem

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  1. Beautiful photography. Your pics remind me of my visit to Havana, Cuba a few years ago. Similar architecture.

  2. Santarem just jumped onto my bucket list in a big, bad way. I've always wanted to visit Portugal, and now I know the first place I'll go.

  3. Your photos really capture what the city of Santarem is all about! What a beautiful place. It would be great to visit there.

  4. Great photos! Would love to visit Portugal someday. It’s on my bucketlist!