Discover Spain: Photo Walk in L'Alcúdia


Alcudia (Spanish: La Alcudia, Valencian: L'Alcúdia) is a small town and municipality in the comarca of Ribera Alta in the province of Valencia, Valencian Community, eastern Spain.

Five interesting facts about the town:

  • The village of Alcudia was founded by Catalan squire Pere de Montagut (1186–1232) in the 13th century.
  • In 1433, it was granted town privileges by King Alfonso V of Aragon (1396–1458).
  • It is located on the right bank of the Margo River, about 32 km (19 mi) southwest from Valencia and 305 km (189 mi) to the southeast of Madrid.
  • It lies at an altitude of 32 m (104 ft) above sea level and covers an area of 23,7 sq km (9.1 sq mi).
  • Famous people born in the town: Santiago de Les (portraitist; 1898–1961), Manuel Boix (painter, sculptor; 1942), Andrés Palop (footballer; 1973).

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Empty pedestrian street

Empty street

Valencian doors
Stylish doors

Valencian window
Stylish window

Valencian art
Outdoor wall art

Old door knuckle

Empty street

Empty street

Church of St. Andrew (Baroque, Neoclassicism; built in the 18th–19th century)

Ruins of the St. Barbara Convent (built in the 17th century)

Almost empty street

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Are you planning to visit Alcudia soon? The official website has information about events, the latest news and things to do in Alcudia:


  1. It looks great and most importantly it's clean. I'm very familiar with the designs. The buildings and details on them are similar to some architectural structures in the Philippines.