600-year-old Frescoes in the Trinity Chapel of the Lublin Castle

Freski na sklepieniu nawy

The Holy Trinity Chapel at the Castle in Lublin, Poland, was erected in the 14th century. It has a unique polychromy painted in the technique of Byzantine-Ruthenian frescoes, completed in the beginning of the 15th century.

Five interesting facts about the frescoes:

  • They were commissioned by King Jogaila (1348–1434), the Grand Duke of Lithuania and the King of Poland, in the late 14th century.
  • They were painted by a group of three painters, each of different artistic origin, exhibiting three main individual styles: narative (Andrzej), hieratic-iconic (Kurył) and archaizing (Juszko) mannerisms.
  • They were created by placing natural pigments (lime, azurite, malachite, charcoal and iron clay) mixed with water on fresh plaster.
  • They were completed in 1418 and are preserved to this day.
  • They were discovered 1887 by the Polish painter Jósef Smoliński under a layer of plaster.

Holy Trinity Chapel in Lublin
The Holy Trinity Chapel

Lublin Trinity Chapel frescoes
Byzantine-Ruthenian frescoes

Lublin frescoes
Frescoes on the vaulted ceiling

Kaplica Trójcy Świętej w Lublinie
Frescoes on the vaulted ceiling

Freski na sklepieniu nawy
Frescoes on the vaulted ceiling

Sklepienie kaplicy w chórze
Frescoes on the vaulted ceiling

Byzantine-Ruthenian frescoes
Wall frescoes

Byzantine-Ruthenian frescoes on the vaulted ceiling

Kaplica Trójcy Świetej
Interior of the Holy Trinity Chapel

Have you ever visited the Holy Trinity Chapel in Lublin? What are your impressions of the frescoes? Feel free to post a comment below.



Find more information about opening times and ticket prices for visiting the Holy Trinity Chapel on the official website: https://www.muzeumlubelskie.pl


  1. Whoa, that is amazing! I have never been to Poland but I will definitely check this out if/when I do!

  2. Frescos are always one of my favourite things to admire while exploring old buildings like these! Your photography is stunning!

  3. Beautiful photos! I love the history learning about the history of old buildings, this one seems like a great one to visit. Thanks for sharing!