Discover Spain: Photo Walk in Cádiz


Cadiz (Spanish: Cádiz) is an Andalusian city and port situated on a long, narrow peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean‚ in southwestern Spain.

Five interesting facts about the city:

  • Founded 3,000 years ago by the Phoenicians, it is the oldest city in Western Europe.
  • Its renewed prosperity dated from the discovery of America in 1492, when it became the home port of the Spanish treasure fleet.
  • In the 18th century, it had more than 160 towers from which local merchants could look out to sea for arriving merchant ships.
  • The country's first Constitution was declared here in 1812.
  • The last snowfall in the city happened in the XIX century.

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El Arco de la Rosa
The Rose Arch, Cadiz

Cadiz park
Genovés Park is the largest public park in the city of Cadiz

Small square of the Genovés Park, Cadiz

Myiopsitta monachus
Monk parakeet in the Genovés Park, Cadiz

Cairina moschata
Muscovy duck in the Genovés Park, Cadiz

Fountain in the Genovés Park, Cadiz

Genovés Park
Jacaranda mimosifolia in the Genovés Park, Cadiz

Promenade of the Genovés Park, Cadiz

Long breakwater and the Castle of San Sebastian in the distance, Cadiz

Jump, Cadiz

The Castle of San Sebastian, Cadiz

Castle of San Sebastian
The Castle of San Sebastian (on the right) and breakwater in the distance, Cadiz

Sea bird
Gull, Cadiz

Arenaria interpres
Ruddy turnstones, Cadiz

The Atlantic Ocean, Cadiz

Long breakwater, Cadiz

Gran Teatro Falla
The Falla Grand Theatre (built between 1884–1905), Cadiz

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  1. I love how the colours pop in your photos. Cadiz is on my list for my next visit to Spain.

  2. Cadiz looks like a mysterious place with a fascinating history. I'd love to find out its secrets.

  3. Such a beautiful city, and so clean. The blue of the sky and the sea is so wonderful. The Colors are brought out through your pictures.