Catholic Church of St. Catherine, Gdansk

Church of St. Catherine

The Church of St. Catherine (Polish: Kościół św. Katarzyny) is a Roman Catholic church, located in Gdansk, Poland.

Five interesting facts about Kościół św. Katarzyny:

  • Built in 1227-1239, it is the oldest church in the city.
  • It was a Protestant church from 1555 until 1945.
  • Its Baroque Tower (76 m high) has a 49-bell carillon.
  • The Tower contains a small museum dedicated to tower clocks of the 15th century.
  • This is where the tombstone of astronomer Johannes Hevelius (1611–1687) was identified in 1985.

The Tower of the Church of St. Catherine, Gdansk
Part of the Christian cemetery, dating back to the 10th–12th century, the Church of St. Catherine, Gdansk
The Old Town and the Church of St. Catherine (on the left) in the distance, Gdansk

Address: Kościół św. Katarzyny, Profesorska 3, 80-856 Gdańsk, Poland

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