Neo-Gothic Architecture of Zagreb: Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary

Zagreb Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary (Croatian: Katedrala Uznesenja Blažene Djevice Marije) is a Roman Catholic church located in Zagreb, Croatia.

The Baroque Basilica of St. Mary of Health in Venice, Italy

The Basilica of St. Mary of Health

The Basilica of St. Mary of Health (Italian: Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute) is a Roman Catholic church, located in Venice, Italy.

Discover Latvia: Photo Walk in Riga

Capital of Latvia

Riga (Latvian: Rīga) is the capital and the largest city of Latvi located on both banks of the river Daugava which separates the city into two parts, Vecriga (Old Riga) and Pardaugava.

The Palvolgyi Cave: A Stalactite Cave in Hungary


The Palvolgyi Cave (Hungarian: Pál-völgyi-barlang) is a stalactite cave in Budapest, Hungary, stretching more than 19 km (11.8 mi), of which only 500 m (1610 ft) is accessible to the public.

Glasgow Necropolis: A Victorian Cemetery in Glasgow, Scotland

Victorian Necropolis Glasgow

The Glasgow Necropolis is a 15-hectare (37-acre) Victorian cemetery located on a low but very prominent hill to the east of the Cathedral of Saint Mungo in Glasgow, Scotland.

Cities of Croatia: Zagreb


Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of Croatia located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river, at the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountain.

Castles of Latvia: Cēsis Medieval Castle

Cesis Castle (Latvian: Cēsu pils) is a medieval castle of the Livonian Order situated in Cēsis, northeastern Latvia.

Anatewka Jewish food restaurant, Lodz, Poland

Jewish restaurant

Anatewka is a Jewish restaurant, located in Lodz, Poland. Its décor brings to mind a warm atmosphere of a 19th century bourgeois home and it has that certain something that the Lodz of olden times had.

Catholic Church of St. Catherine, Gdansk

Church of St. Catherine

The Church of St. Catherine (Polish: Kościół św. Katarzyny) is a Roman Catholic church, located in Gdansk, Poland.

Trains in Lithuania

Lietuvos geležinkeliai

Lithuanian Railways (Lithuanian: Lietuvos geležinkeliai) is the state-run railway company in Lithuania with more than 7,608 employees.

Discover Scotland: Photo Walk in Glasgow


Glasgow (Scots: Glesga, Scottish Gaelic: Glaschu) is a city located on the banks of the River Clyde in central west of the Scottish Lowlands.

Discover the Vatican: Photo Walk in Città del Vaticano

Vatican City

The Vatican City (Italian: Città del Vaticano) is a sovereign city-state located in a walled enclave within Rome, Italy.

Discover Spain: Photo Walk in Almuñécar


Almunecar (Spanish: Almuñécar) is a town and a municipality located on the Costa Tropical in the province of Granada, Andalusian Community, southern Spain.