Discover Italy: Photo Walk in Mestre


Mestre is a mainland suburb of Venice, Italy, connected to the historical center by the Ponte della Libertà bridge over the Venetian lagoon.

Five interesting facts about the town:

  • The earliest surviving reference to the town is found in an Imperial diploma by Otto III (980–1002), written in 994.
  • In 1152, a papal bull by Pope Eugene III (1080–1153) recognized Bonifacio, the bishop of Treviso, as lord of Mestre.
  • In 1926, Mestre was absorbed into the commune of Venice, losing separate status as a city.
  • It has around 88 000 inhabitants.
  • The tramway in Mestre uses Translohr rubber-tyred trams.

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Piazza Ferretto, Mestre, Venice

Façade of the Cathedral of St. Lawrence (built in 1781–1805; Neoclassical), Mestre, Venice

Mestre Cathedral
The Cathedral of St. Lawrence from the west, Mestre, Venice

Via Olivi, Mestre, Venice

Old lantern, Mestre, Venice

Mestre tramway
Translohr STE4, Mestre, Venice

Old red bus, Mestre, Venice

Street art
Graffiti, Mestre, Venice

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